One-of-a-kind Designer Swimwear

Monique Fagre has made a name for itself in high-end custom swimwear with its signature, hand-sewn artistry. Monique Fagre’s unique swim designs project the perfect image for today’s sophisticated, fashion-wise woman.

Monique Fagre has accomplished this by making sure each design is not just a swimsuit, but a personal swim masterpiece; a certified, one-of-a-kind creation. From rendering the initial sketch, to incorporating a wide variety of lace, ribbon, semi-precious stone, and silk thread, we craft each Monique Fagre as the artist crafts a portrait on canvas.

During its brief ascension, Monique Fagre has exploded on the fashion scene in fashion events as well as print and broadcast media features and interviews local, national and international, periodicals, television and internet. Just to name a few events, Monique Fagre has figured prominently in Phoenix Fashion Week, Valley Vintage, Scottsdale Fashion Week, The NFL Arizona Cardinal Cheerleaders Swimsuit Calendar, The Fashionably Pink Runway Show and too many others to name. Monique Fagre has definitely arrived.

All the while, Monique Fagre remains keenly aware of its philanthropic duty. Monique Fagre is proud to have assisted such worthy causes as The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, The Florence Crittendon Foundation, and The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Most recently, Monique Fagre has expanded its horizons into custom embellishment on demand, rather than just ready-made creations. Moreover, Monique Fagre now crafts custom clothing and costumes for every occasion in addition to its spectacular swimsuits. Whether it's a private party, promotional gala, fashion shoot or music video, we at Monique Fagre stand ready to stamp our unique sense of style and creativity upon the project with intricate design and embellishment to exceed even the wildest of expectations.

Make a decision to dress your event for guaranteed, monumental success. Decide on originality. Decide on sophistication. Decide on awe-inspiring. Decide on Monique Fagre, the best decision you will ever make.

Refine your beach look and enrich your beach experience!‚ Monique Fagre designs the suit that suits YOU....